We can handle any type of computer help that you need. From networking, to repairs, to hardware installation, to software training and accessibility consulting, we do it all.


Cabling: We can install, run, and repair all cable types(no fiber optic)

Servers: All aspects of server selection, purchasing, installation, configuration, and maintenance.

PC Repairs

Our A+ certified technician will pick up your computer from you or repair it at your home.

Driver installation: Make sure your hardware devices have the latest up-to-date drivers with no conflicts so they can function the way they are supposed to.

Registry cleaning: Your Windows™ operating system is a complex program with the registry at its heart. Broken and lost references clutter up the registry and slow down your computer. Let us clean it up for you and get your computer running efficiently and fast, the way it should.

Virus and malware protection and removal: We can help you keep your machine clean from the nasty things that are out there or clean it up if they’re aldready there.

Hardware installation and configuration: We can replace damaged hardware or equipment and configure it so it runs right from the start.


Our skilled instructors will teach you all you need to know in the comfort of your own home.

Basic computing: Let us ease you into a better understanding of your computer including basic functions, operating system, internet browsing, and Microsoft programs.

Virus and Malware prevention: We can teach you the tips and tricks to keep your machine free from viruses and malware.

Intermediate computing: We can teach you how to set up and maintain networks, share documents, pictures, and music between computers, and set up a network printer. We can train you in the use of advanced Microsoft Office features.


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